Put a Spring in your Step

What an amazing time of year!! The birds are singing and performing amazing aerobatics while they go about their daily business of building their nests, in preparation for their big Spring event.  🐣

There’s also a noticeable lengthening to the evenings, and if this isn’t enough to put a “Spring in your step” there is always Easter to look forward to….And what could be more exciting than spending the long weekend Easter Crafting!! 

So, to help you on your way, here are a few ideas for all you budding crafters….

First up I have absolutely fallen in love with this crochet "Rita the Rabbit" Bunny Mod from Lalylala.  This rabbit is very simple, but what makes it exquisite is the cross stitch detail. If you are not confident in your cross stitch ability it is equally stunning without. 

Alternatively, why not mix it up a bit with some different colours from our fantastic range of Rico Essentials Cotton. 

Sticking with our theme of rabbits, have a look at this fab bunny tote from Patternpile, which is perfect for your Easter egg hunt!!  Oh come on you’re never too old for some chocolate and fun 😊

The tote is ideal for using up all your fabric scraps, and if you don’t have enough there is no need to feel guilty splashing out on some new fabric, as the pattern is absolutely free. “Hop to it”, get that sewing machine out, and don’t forget the chocolate eggs. 

Oh, I have got to try this!! 

I have wanted to make one of these yarn bowls for years.  I am absolutely enthralled by this version with the embroidered flowers. What a talking point or more importantly a focal point on your coffee table. What’s great about it is you are using up all those scraps you didn’t know what to do with. It doesn't have to be green like the floral bowl above but this has a particularly effective quality.  Whatever pieces of yarn you have, let your imagination run riot.

Here are some simple instructions I have found on-line. It uses PVA glue, but a good alternative is Rico’s fabric stiffener. 

To construct the bowl, gather yarn or multi colored twine. Put the yarn into a part PVA / part water glue mix (3 parts glue and 1 part water works well but it depends a little on the glue you are using). Work the glue into the yarn. Then, inflate a round balloon and rub a thin layer of Vaseline to stop the glue sticking to the balloon. Stand the balloon upright in a bowl, knot down, before starting by whirling strings around the top side of the balloon (this will become the base of your bowl).  

After this, either work horizontally continuing to wind, or work vertically, altering the height to create the natural impression of plants growing.  Experiment! Keep the threads pretty tight together to help make the bowl solid. You can mix it up with different textures, and by fusing and joining. 

Embroider it for an unexpected effect, before puncturing the balloon, at the knot, to slowly deflate it. 

Now, I know what I’ll be eating on Easter Sunday…

As a reward for all that exhausting 💦crafting, I think you just have to find time for cake. I'm going to be baking this amazing mouth-watering cake from Great British Chefs.  😋

Last but definitely not least please feel free to share photos of your creations on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thecraftyfoxie/ as we love to see what you are all making…


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