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Put a Spring in your Step

What an amazing time of year!! The birds are singing and performing amazing aerobatics while they go about their daily business of building their nests, in preparation for their big Spring event.  🐣
There’s also a noticeable lengthening to the evenings, and if this isn’t enough to put a “Spring in your step” there is always Easter to look forward to….And what could be more exciting than spending the long weekend Easter Crafting!! 
So, to help you on your way, here are a few ideas for all you budding crafters….

First up I have absolutely fallen in love with this crochet "Rita the Rabbit" Bunny Mod from Lalylala.  This rabbit is very simple, but what makes it exquisite is the cross stitch detail. If you are not confident in your cross stitch ability it is equally stunning without. 

Alternatively, why not mix it up a bit with some different colours from our fantastic range of Rico Essentials Cotton. 

Sticking with our theme of rabbits, have a look at this fab bunny tote from Pat…