Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

We’re a little late this month, as we were having a whale of a time preparing for and partaking in the Clogherhead Seafood Rocks festival last weekend. The sun turned up, as did lots of enthusiastic kids, who made a multitude of pompoms and bracelets at our workshops. 

Anyway, they say happiness comes in waves, and we were very happy crafting these great seaside inspired projects…so much so, we thought we wouldn't be shellfish and would share them here so you could try them too!

We really enjoyed making these adorable fish for the festival, a great wee project to get the kids involved with. Here are the steps we followed to create them:

Using calico and the pattern below, cut two pieces for each fish. These can be any size, simply resize the image.

Next, hand sew around the outer edge, leaving a gap for stuffing

Then, stuff the fish with toy stuffing and sew closed

Paint the fish with white acrylic paint

We found empty wine bottles perfect for holding the fishes tails while we waited for them to dry. They just happened to be lying around!

Once dry, paint the fish with stripes of different widths, or any pattern you wish!

We included our fish into a larger wall-hanging project which is up as a Project in the Community Pages on our website

On the subject of fish, why not get your crock pot out and simmer up some delicious Clam chowder while you craft. We love the sound of this recipe from the spruce, with only 25 minutes preparation it can be made and still leave you plenty of crafting time. 

Alternatively, you can get a r-eely good seafood chowder, fresh off the boats, at Clogherhead harbour

If you’re not a lover of fish, how about this brill patchwork crab from whileshenaps.com?
It’s great for using up fabric scraps, which we're sure most of you have boatloads of at home, so why not make a whole cast (hands up if you knew that was their collective noun) of crabs?
Once made, you’ll have to pinch yourself, she’s so cute!

And how could we forget Dory? 

This shrimply fantastic baby crochet toy from ravelry.com can be your squishy!

It’s very simple and perfect for anybody who loves Dory as much as we do!

Those ideas are shore to tide you over for a while, so until we sea you again, keeeeeeeep crafting!


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