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Potty about Harry

Well another month gone, and isn’t time flying, like a ‘Nimbus 2000’.  While thinking about the blog for this month, and with ideas for Halloween witches and wizards whirling around my head, I decided to focus on my new favourite topic, Harry Potter.
Can you believe it’s been twenty years since the release of the first book?!  It’s amazing some have never read these magical books, while others are just discovering them.
Anyway, it’s time to get ‘Sirius’, so here is my pick of the best Harry Potter crafts around.

Whether you are a hard working ‘Hufflepuff’ or a brave ‘Gryffindor’, you will absolutely love this Hogwarts School Crest cross stitch pattern from Little mojo.
This is sure to be a talking point at all your future feasts.

"Or perhaps in Slytherin, you'll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means, to achieve their ends." -The Sorting Hat

Slytherin has to be my favourite house, and what better way to show your true colours than with a crocheted house scarf…

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

We’re a little late this month, as we were having a whale of a time preparing for and partaking in the Clogherhead Seafood Rocks festival last weekend. The sun turned up, as did lots of enthusiastic kids, who made a multitude of pompoms and bracelets at our workshops. 
Anyway, they say happiness comes in waves, and we were very happy crafting these great seaside inspired projects…so much so, we thought we wouldn't be shellfish and would share them here so you could try them too!

We really enjoyed making these adorable fish for the festival, a great wee project to get the kids involved with. Here are the steps we followed to create them:

Using calico and the pattern below, cut two pieces for each fish. These can be any size, simply resize the image.

Next, hand sew around the outer edge, leaving a gap for stuffing

Then, stuff the fish with toy stuffing and sew closed

Paint the fish with white acrylic paint

We found empty wine bottles perfect for holding the fishes tails while we waited…

Fly me to the moon...

...Let me play among the stars…
Here at the Crafty fox, we’re obsessed with all things astronomical this month.  ‘Why?’ I hear you ask...well, on the 20th July 1969, humans first walked on the moon, and we thought we’d celebrate this great achievement by bringing you some space crafts (pun definitely intended).
So, below we are on our final countdown of top space-related ideas for you to try. And to keep you on course, why not sing along with our Space Age playlist while you craft?

3…We love this out-of-this-world rocket applique cushion from Fabricworm. It’s sure to be a great addition to any young aspiring astronaut’s bedroom!

Whether you have a mini Neil Armstrong or Sally Ride, they’re bound to love this cute cushion

If you are feeling adventurous, perhaps try running up a matching pillowcase and quilt cover set, or go for a rocket covered headboard.

If you are short on suitable fabric in your stash, we have that covered with this colourful cotton fabric in store.

2...We also discove…

Passionate about Pineapples!

Welcome to the new and improved Crafty Fox blog!
We’ve let it slide but now we’re back, ready to give you tips, tricks and fun projects to try at home! We’ve been having such great weather recently, it’s like living on a tropical island and what could be more on trend than pineapples? International Pineapple Day is coming up on the 27th of June, so whether you’re celebrating with a Pina Colada or an upside down cake, why not try making one of these fab projects…

First up, we have this cute crochet pineapple from Yarnplaza. It’s a great project for anybody with a basic knowledge of crochet. Instead of using the wool specified in this pattern, you could try using this great Rico DK cotton available in store! There’s lots of fun colours so you could make any colour pineapple you wanted, let your imagination run wild! If you can’t crochet yet, don’t worry, we’ve got loads of classes to help you learn! Just check out the website for a full list.

If crochet’s not your thing, we love this a…