It's all about the Fox

Hello all and welcome to our blog!
 We hope to share with you all the going's on in this gorgeous shop of ours. 
We opened nearly 2 years ago now and a lot has happened since. We are very proud of all that has been achieved to date , not to mention multiple awards , but we hope we are spreading the crafting bug here in Drogheda and further afield. 
This is where you'll find us ,   thats me ready for some crafty action top left.
We do all sorts of classes from beginners sewing to advanced sewing, knitting ,crochet, jewelllery making to name but a few,  but enough with the boring stuff lets have a look at some photos of the shop and some of our class students and what they have made during our classes.

Our shop display at the moment !

Fabric galore 

You know you can never have enough of a good thing ! oh sorry I ment fabric 
Beautiful Tilda fabric and you have'nt seen the half of it yet 

Ever so pretty Tilda girls 
This is where the action happens , our bright and cheery ground floor classroom and yeh you've spotted that handsome foxie again have'nt you .

Some of our gradutes from the Basic Sewing class 

Vintage notice board class

Our sewing club girls , they just can't get enough of us , 

and you know Awards!! Awards!! already,  we're not even 2 yet ,

so now you have seen our shop ,why not visit us soon and have a look around  or visit our website for more information about us

Bye for now

TCF team 


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